MMC Agro, initiated its operations in 1957 as a modest establishment capable of processing and trading grains, pistachio and other fatty seeds for the domestic market. In time we have increased our total production capacity to 1000 tons of different types of grain flours per day, and exporting to 25 countries in three continents as well as supplying for the turkish local market.

Since from the day it laid its foundation MMC Agro has invested carefully and continuously in new technology, building extension, modern silos for grain storage and continuous employee training. Our production facilities incorporates the latest in Employee Safety Concepts, Automation and Process Control. Mentioned facts make MMC Agro one of the most modern and competitive companies in global scale.

Through the use of advanced technologies, extremely qualified personnel, and excellent raw material, MMC Agro has been able to ensure a consistently superior quality of products specific to its customers' demands. Quality, Flexibility, High Sanitation Standards and meeting all our customers needs is our business philosophy. We combine the best quality raw materials with the highest production technology to provide the best for our clients.