Nuts, Dry Fruits and Oily Seeds Group

Dried Figs

We offer all types of dried figs produced in Anatolia.
Protoben, Lerida, Garland, Layer, Naturel, Pulled, Diced all types and all sizes.

Dried Apricots

We supply Premium quality dried Apricots from the Anatolian apricot capital of Malatya to overseas.

Dried Tomatoes

Tomatoes are collected and dried during the peak or their freshness.Packed in vacuum or preserved in olive oil filled jars, they can maintain their intense taste for long time. Can be used in all cooking applications with ease.

Hazelnuts & Pistachios

Turkey is the largest producer of Hazelnuts where as Anatolian Pistachios are reowned by their distinct and concantrated aroma and are highly sought after in international market in bakery, biscuit, chocolate, ice cream production.. We offer both nuts in shelled, unshelled, salted and raw.