MMC Agro poultry branch is mainly involved in Supplying poultry products to the retail and Horeca sector in the domestic market and export to our clients in Africa, Asia and Latin America across the world.

Our current product scale is as follows; Frozen Whole Chicken , Frozen Chicken Wing , Frozen Chicken Leg Quarter, Frozen Chicken Paw , Frozen chicken Feet , Frozen Chicken Neck , Frozen Chicken Heart and Liver , Frozen Chicken Drumstick, and Eggs.

We also offer fresh, calibrated and non-calibrated chicken breast fillets. Our Factory produces 5 thousand tons per month to be sold in the domestic market and for export, besides the whole chicken, it's produced many cuts including fresh, frozen, seasoned and processed products required by different customers.

Our products are HALAL certified by Federation of Muslims Association in Turkey and quality and sanitary consitions are guaranteed by certifications ISO 9001, ISO 22000 .