GRAIN GROUP / CORN flour ( Fuba de Milho)

Produced from 100% Non Gmo corn grains according to ISO9001 & ISO22000 Quality Management Sysytem Standards. Packed in 25kg or 50kg new pp bags and loaded 23,5Mtons per 20ft container


No Denomination of characteristics Characteristics and norms
    fine-ground flour coarse-ground flour
1 Taste Corresponding to corn flour, without other flavors, not sour, not bitter
2 Mineral admixture It should not be felt a crunch at malaxation of flour
3 Humidity, %, not more 15,0 15,0
4 Ash content in terms of dry substance, %, not more 0,9 1,3
5 Fat content in terms of dry substance, %, not more 1,2 1,2
6 Grade of milling, % the undersize fraction of silk mesh No.32 sieve by GOST 4403-77, not more 15,0 15,0
  the undersize fraction of wire mesh sieve, not more - 2 mesh № 056
  Outsiftings of silk mesh No. 32 sieve by GOST 4403-77, not less 30 -
7 Metallomagnetic admixture per 1kg of flour, not more (mg) 3,0 3,0
8 Infectiousness by crop plants pests Not admitted